Stroller Bootcamp...a baby is a reason not an excuse

What began as a Mommy & Me class in my home studio roughly five years ago has now become one of our most popular programs at The Studio - Stroller Bootcamp. And to be honest, I wasn't completely on board with the whole Mommy & Me idea but a friend harassed me into it (you know who you are) and now here we are five years later and the program is going strong.

And I've got to say that I love love love our Stroller Bootcamp. I love meeting all the new moms and their beautiful babies, I love being outdoors working out and I love not only the physical transformations but even more so the mental transformations that take place over our 6 week program. Having had a few babies of my own, I know the exhaustion, stress and emotions (along with the joy) that come with being a new momma. Looking in the mirror and longing for your former body to reappear but not knowing how to get it back. Feeling exhausted all the time. I know. I get it. Well our Stroller Bootcamp is the perfect way to release stress, bond with other mommas, get out of the house and start working out again all while bringing baby along for the ride.

Our Stroller Bootcamp is set up as 6 week sessions which is easy to commit to. Each session includes two bootcamps per week at a local park plus our Studio weekend classes are also included for free with childcare provided during our Saturday morning class. You work out at your level and each week we progress the workouts a bit. The transformations are amazing and the friendships made last forever. Within a few bootcamps, you will be feeling stronger, more energized and it will become something you really look forward to each week.

If you are interested in learning more about our Stroller Bootcamp, please contact Donna at

973-600-1461. You can jump in on our spring session which goes through May 30 or start our summer session on June 4 or one of our later sessions. And remember...a baby is a reason

not an excuse!

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