"There aren't enough hours in the day."

"There aren't enough hours in the day". This is the lie that I used to tell myself when I looked in the mirror, did that thing where I turned to the side and sucked in my gut and remembered my pre-baby body. I felt held back from working out with 2 kids, one just under a year old, the tedious parts of a household to manage, and the extra burden of owning my own marketing business. I used to think of myself as an impostor a little bit--who is this person who is now only in stretchy pants, one piece bathing suits, and refuses to be photographed below the chin?

I got so used to pretending I didn't care that I started to believe it. "There aren't enough hours in the day" was the perfect excuse to live in this body that I didn't love anymore. "I do so much; I don't have time to add the gym to the mix!"

At home, we have a screensaver on our computer that rotates random photos--and one day it hit me--these memories that were supposed to make me happy, started to make me sad instead. So I took the first step, thanks to Brie (fellow Studio member), and signed up for my free trial week.

The very first day at The Studio, I didn't really want anyone to notice me. I just wanted to throw the kids in daycare, slip in, do the workout, and slither out unseen. There is something weird about introducing yourself to new people in a body that you don't feel confident in--but Donna didn't seem to care about my plans to slide under the radar and made me feel included and part of the group immediately :) I didn't realize how powerful and motivating it would be to be part of the tribe, surrounded by people who were further along on the same path I was starting-- and cheering me on. Thanks for that, everyone!

I began to realize that the truth about saying you don't have enough hours in the day is that it's easy. It's comfortable. The truth about showing up and making a promise to yourself to make a change is that it's hard at first, but then it becomes the "new easy".

Fast forward 6 months: I haven't made more hours but it seems like there's a lot more time in my day. I have more energy to tackle the kids, my workload, and suddenly everything around me is going well: my business has picked up; I enjoy shopping for things other than shoes again; and I no longer feel the crippling caloric guilt after that Taylor ham, egg & cheese (okay, well maybe a little!).

The best byproduct to ditching the excuses by far is: happiness. I am a better wife, mom, and friend when I feel happy and for that I am forever thankful that I took the first step, walked through those doors, and met all the women there I can now call my friends.

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