January Fitness Challenge...what a way to start off 2019!

We started the year off with amazing results in our first fitness challenge of 2019! Our fitness challenge was a three week program designed to get people back on track after the holidays and recommit to their healthy lifestyles!

Since we like to focus on a healthy lifestyle and not just weight loss at THE STUDIO, our challengers received points not only for percentage of pounds and inches lost but also for hitting 15,000 steps three days per week, class attendance, and hitting daily nutrition goals. In our private challenger Facebook group, our challengers could earn one extra point per week if they completed a bonus challenge. Our three challengers were "be the motivator" where they earned a point for bringing someone to a free class; "be a goal digger" where they earned a point for writing down goals for six different categories (of course fitness was one category and family and fun were a few others); and "watch a food documentary" and post three things you learned.

Our challengers were committed and focused and truly had amazing results. You could literally see the difference by the end of week two in many of our ladies. Overall as a group, the 17 challengers lost 119.6 pounds and 165.5" inches! Our top three finishers were Meghan C with 12 pounds, 20.25 inches; Lauren R with 13.8 pounds, 13 inches and Meredith I with 9.8 pounds, 16 inches. The prize was 2 free months membership for 1st place and 1 free month each for 2nd and 3rd place.

We have such a great community at The Studio. I loved the friendly competition and watching our ladies support and encourage each other along the way! Congrats to all of our challengers! You are all winners!!! Our next challenge will be late spring!

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